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About us

At Bitsure we believe that
the future of money is digital.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies provide us with an opportunity to rethink the way money works, how it flows, how we interact with it and what it costs. Whilst blockchain technology has many powerful use cases we believe that in revolutionising the financial services industry it will provide a clear path to accelerate financial inclusion globally.

By providing a financial services platform that bypasses traditional rails, reduces friction and greatly reduces transaction costs, Bitsure makes a compelling case not only for the organisations from a revenue perspective, but for low cost banking and financial inclusion.

Bitsure’s Team

Mark Chirnside

Chairman & Co-Founder

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Jurgen Kuhnel

CEO & Co-Founder

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Grant Pidwell


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Sonya Kuhnel

Co-Founder, Non-Executive Director

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Cassian Coquelle

Non-Executive Director

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Debra Roodt

Executive Director

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